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Steel Scaffolding Ladders

Kitemarked & Galvanised

Steel Scaffolding Ladders

SCP’s Galv Span Steel Scaffolding Ladders are fully compliant with BS EN-131 and hold the prestigious BSI Kitemark (KM584102).

SCP are ONE of only TWO UK companies to hold the prestigious BSI Kitemark.

Our Steel Scaffold Ladders are independently tested by BSI on a routine basis to retain the KITEMARK registration. Both our Factory and Distribution centres are audited regularly. 

SCP Guarantee material conformance and high-class traceability. All ladders are fitted with non-slip, angled rungs and durable rubber feet that are curved for extra stability to allow the latter to be reversible.

When using SCP’s Galv Span Steel Scaffolding Ladders, you have the certainty of quality, reliability and safety.

Full in-house testing facilities available for routine Ladder testing

Ladders without the BSI Kitemark are frequently un-tested and at best they are single prototype tested, which means that the ladder may differ from BULK supplies. Only BSI Kitemark gives ultimate assurance.

Maintenance and Inspection
Always refer to user instructions prior to use, ensuring the label is fully legible.
Please check that the ladder is straight, free from loose or bent rungs, with no visible dents and/or cracks, as this may indicate that the ladder is not safe for use, if in doubt, please do not use.
Ladder feet should be firmly affixed to the stile, and they should show no signs of damage affecting their ability to support or provide grip for the ladder. Replacement feet are available for repair by SCP.

For repairs, please email info@SCPGroup.uk for availability of spares, remembering to state size of ladder that requires repair as this will determine the correct parts for your ladder. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, damaged rungs cannot be repaired or economically replaced, though we may be able to advise whether it is salvageable depending on where the damage is on the ladder. Please note that any repairs/modifications undertaken other than by trained personnel invalidates the Kitemark assurances associated with the product.

Ladders Product Table

Keep your ladders in top condition with our stock of spare ladder feet. Available in three different sizes to accommodate our full ladder size range. 

We also have ladder accessories ranging from Ladder trap doors, Ladder access gates as well as Ladder Clamps from our sister company Forgeco Ltd

High specification products designed to last…
Steel Ladders

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