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ReadyFix Transoms (TG20:13 Certified)

Commonly known as EasyFix, ReadyLok or Pre-Fabricated Structural Transoms

ReadyFix Transoms

SCP’s ReadyFix Transoms are fixed-length transoms, with a semi-rigid end connection facilitating ‘efficient setting out and self-alignment’ with extensive labour saving element, reducing the number of required site fixings giving significant labour saving.

The partially fixed connections to the standard permit ledger bracing to be omitted from scaffolds in certain conditions allowing un-obstructed to walk through access on all lifts.

Market-leading traceability.

Manufactured with zinc plating for corrosion protection.

Compatible with the revolutionary KLAWZ Fitting. Click here to view to find out more. 

Technical Information

SCP’s Readyfix are TG20:13 compliant and Fully independently certified to confirm compliance. 

BEWARE!! – Using non TG20:13 compliant pre-fabricated structural transoms puts you at risk of using an untested product!