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Adjustable Steel Props

Commonly known as Acrow Props, Shoring Props, Acrow Needles etc.

Adjustable Steel Props

  • Adjustable steel props are designed to support a range of floors and temporary beams.
  • SCP props are manufactured from an outer tube 60.3mm dia. and an inner tube of 48.3mm dia.
  • The threaded portion is friction welded to theouter tube to produce a lighter weight prop.
  • Adjustable steel props are available in sizes 0 to 4.
  • Props are guaranteed to be in stock and delivered within three days of order.
  • All SCP props are manufactured in accordance with our ISO 9001:2000 quality system accreditation.
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9-270-LWI-00 Standard No. 0 Props 1.041 1.829 11.28
9-270-LWI-01 Standard No. 1 Props 1.753 3.124 16.34
9-270-LWI-02 Standard No. 2 Props 1.981 3.352 17.48
9-270-LWI-03 Standard No. 3 Props 2.59 3.962 20.2
9-270-LWI-04 Standard No. 4 Props 3.2 4.876 23.84
  • Adjustable Steel Props are fully tested in house on our own equipment.
  • Over 40 years of Prop manufacturing experience within SCP.
  • We have the capability to produce any specification of prop you may require.
  • SCP props are compatible with adjustable and fixed forkheads.
  • Genuine Strongboys are fully compatible with SCP props. They are the only Steel Props that have been tested alongside the Genuine Strongboys. The use of inferior props may invalidate test data.
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Adjustable Steel Props

Technical Information

  • All props are manufactured to BS4074:1982 and tested to BS5507-3:1982.
  • Head and Base Plates 150 x 150x 6mm to BS4360 with 38mmdia hole.
  • Pin 080M40 BS970.
  • Finished in one coat air drying.